Friday 15 March 2013

My Work - Progress on the Blanket~

Ok so... I have completely changed my mind about the blanket... decided the animals and leaves weren't giving me the look I wanted... also the colors are hard to work with when you are trying to do something springy... so I thought... mmmm... blue... white... leafless tree... WHY NOT MAKE IT WINTER! I mean I did the blanket in the winter so It's fitting ^^ and gives me room to change colors and make a spring, summer, and fall blanket too! muhahahahaha I smell yarn!!!

Note to people wanted to try something like this out... I'd add one more color to this... it is hard to work with 3 colors when you have already used a color for the sky or background so you only have 2 other colors to work on whatever you want to applique ontop... If I do another blanket I will definitely add another color... whether it is to border the squares only or to also be in the squares.

 so... the border has become semi snowflakes and I now have dear and birds around the leafless tree with some snowflake falling... also I made a snow pile at the bottom of the tree!

This picture is my inspiration for the blanket ^^

So here is what the center part of the blanket looks like now...

So I haven't sewn down the deer, snowflakes or the birds... but you can see how it will look... I have put off a bit on the snowflakes because the yarn is so big it is hard to make little snowflakes with 4ply yarn... so I came up with the idea of splitting the yarn into the 4 small strands and using one of those with a 2.25 m hook... So now I need to get that hook ^^ then there will be smaller snowflakes everywhere ^^ When I do it I'll post my pattern design for the snowflakes... It is strange no one is making tiny patterns of snowflakes... everyone wants big ones to hang on the tree ^^

Oh and I also have been adding on the border around the whole blanket you can see the brown I added I still need to add white and the semi is a picture of it below the next picture... there will be a snowflake for every square around the blanket ^^ This snowflake actually came from the mypicot website free patterns for edging... I just had to change it a big because I felt it was too big especially since it is for lace... imagine using yarn 4 times as thick :P ya you need to adjust the stitches a little I will probably post a video about how to adjust stitches for using lace patterns for yarn.
Oh and this is what the picture from the website looks like before I tried it in yarn. So Instead of doing the first 3 border... I'm doing just the snowflake pattern and will crochet the blanket and the semi-snowflake together ^^

Anyways this is what is happening with the blanket... just have to make more semi snowflakes and mini snowflakes for the applique center and sew everything in ^^ Fun fun project... crochet is so relaxing... love it ^^


  1. this blanket is so beautiful! I would love to know the pattern for some of the squares :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the blanket! ^^ It was lots of fun and very rewarding to make I recommend it if you have the patience for long projects hehe. I have a post about where I got the square patterns from. Most are videos on youtube but some are from books and one I did myself. Check it out and tell me how it goes if you try anything :)