Monday 30 March 2015

Annnnd I'm Back!

Hi everyone!

 I can't believe we've hit the 1 million views mark! This started as a place to record my crochet references and has quickly grown to everyone's quick reference which is just great I'm so happy about that!

I haven't been posting for a while consistently really because I've been trying to figure out what I want to do really...I mean so many options! Well I'm back and with full vigour and determination to teach the world to crochet and sell some finished products on etsy!

So here's the big news!

Introducing Crochelina Patterns!

I am now selling my patterns on etsy! I have posted the 3 patterns from my most popular collection the Purple Baby Summer Collection to start off! I will be posting a new pattern in my shop every week so keep checking!

What's so special about these patterns?? VIDEO TUTORIALS!! Each pattern comes with it's own video tutorial because there's nothing more confusing than a written pattern or symbol pattern on it's own! Also included are full written patterns and symbol patterns so you can have as many methods as possible to make the learning process easier and more fun!

My Store

Let's Learn and Create Together~ 

Wait there's More!

For those of you wanting finished crochet products I have created a new line of 100% cotton 100% one of a kind because I only make one of each, Half Crochet Half Fabric Boutique Baby Dresses with Matching Headbands!! (Feel free to cheer!) I am super excited about this design because each one is totally unique and shows the beauty and diversification of crochet in a modern and exciting way!

Introducing the Vintage Collection~~**  In Store April 13!

A new collection in teal, aqua, white, silver, and grey! Perfect for that special occasion and for just plain showing off how cute your baby is! Each one packaged and ready to come straight home to you or to a friend! There will be 9 sets in every collection! Two Newborn, Four 0-3 Month, Two 3-6, and One 6-9 Month. I will always post when I introduce a new collection so you can jump on them!

I'm Still Not Done!

Introducing Biweekly posts here and Weekly Video Tutorials!

For those of you wanted to become better crocheters I am going to be posting atleast 2 posts a week adding new resources and adding 1 video tutorial a week to the crochetpedia youtube channel!! 

Many of you have watched my Quick Basics of Crochet for Beginners video and have learned from that. Now I am going to start a playlist of how to crochet from start to finish adding a new video every week! It will be jam packed with all you need to know to become a confident expert crocheter. It won't be your basic how to videos...for example for the "How to Chain Video", I'll show you how to make the best chains, consistent chains, include fun projects you can do with just chains, and show different methods of crocheting into different parts of chains to give different looks! So check in again in May for new weekly videos!

Why am I doing this?? I love crochet so much! It is my relaxation, my creative outlet, and I want to spread that hapiness around! 

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Last but not least have a wonderful day~