Thursday 28 February 2013

2D Crochet Hippo Applique

Ok so I found this hippo pattern... I'm a little skeptical about it i haven't tried it but it seems that the mouth part of the pattern might not be right... anyone agree? Love the picture of the crochet hippo... but you might have to tweak this pattern a bit.
So below is a pattern for a hippo face you can get from "one and two company" here

 This is really cute too... it's from "KramersSinphony" she says it is on Dewanda but I couldn't find it there:
Just for reference that is where I found the photo. I think it's really cute and here's something else you can do with 2D animals. Just stick them on a wall! ^^

Wednesday 27 February 2013

2D Crochet Unicorn Applique

This is quite a nice and delicate looking pattern. The tail looks so nice, I wish I knew who designed it because it really is nicely done :)
This is from "crochet applique patterns". They are selling this pattern here.
 So far these are the only patterns I could find for unicorns but they are quite nice so enjoy :)

2D Crochet Camel Applique

Ok so this guy is a loner...I don't think many people have a reason to make camel appliques...but guess who found a pattern!?! It is very simple and looks quite nice try it out!


2D Crochet Squirrel Applique

Squirrels!! Don't you just go nuts over squirrels! I know I do! Check out these pattern!
Love that this one comes with a nut pattern as well because what's a squirrel without his nuts!

I found this acorn on pin interest and it's very cute... very simple. I think it would be easy to replicate :)
This squirrel is just cute... with the eyes and the two toned tail...This pattern can be bought from "one and two company" from the link below.

2D Crochet Elephant Applique

For some reason I've always loved elephants. Check out these two symbol patterns. The first one is pretty basic but still you know it's an elephant! This first design belongs to "Podarok"  The second one is quite oriental looking I love it but not sure who's design it is!

 So these pictures belong to the Ravelry site. They have a nice free pdf pattern for the elephant at this link. I think the elephant on the pants looks so cute... unbelievable...

Finally I found a video tutorial on youtube! This is the cutest thing ever really my favourite if you want a sideways view. This was done by "Julia Woolpedia". Check it out!


2D Crochet Rabbit / Bunny Applique

Everyone likes bunnies so there are many many different patterns for making them. Found the first 5 online but don't know who designed them. They are all pretty cute in their own way.
The bow-tie on this bunny below is kinda freaking me out not sure if I like that... :P Looks kinda like a mustache!

I love how this is displayed  the bunny looks so cute here on the square it has a beautiful finish.

This last one i'm guessing is a bunny... I can't imagine what else it would be... I think the eyes are just a bit too close together in the picture which is just confusing...:P
Here "Weiver Birdie" has a free pattern for making this bunny with really nice pictures to follow along.

These bunnies were made by "VoodooMaggie" and she has a nicely explained tutorial below.

Who doesn't love a video tutorial! This one is done by "theDulanefamily" and it is her design. 

Here is another video tutorial by "Hectanooga1"!
Last pattern I just found by "Kimbles". These are small little bunnies and are simple to make she has all the instructions written out here!

These two pictures I had to add. I don't have the pattern for them but they are very cute and tidy and look very simple. The first is from "barbara'scrochet" on etsy:
This is from "makehandmade". She has so many applique animals it's worth checking out her site.


How to Read Crochet Symbol Patterns

I just did a symbol pattern post and realized you guys might not know how to read the symbols so here is a symbol key I found online. It is universal so any pattern I post should follow it.
If there are any questions about the abbreviations or how to do the stitches send me a post and i'll explain further.

2D Crochet Alligator Applique

Ok so I found two pattern for free alligators and this is not for beginners it is just the map. I don't know who to give credit to this design but I know it's a Chinese design from the writing in the pattern so good for you China! You don't have to do the sewing if you don't' want to that is just the recommendation. You could always add in crochet eyes or felt, or one of those store bought plastic ones, whatever you like :) 
This is the second one I found by "Nanasue's Crafts" I think this is very cute and the great thing is that it is writen out row by row for everyone. She normally sells her patterns but this one is a free one so enjoy!
Go to this link to get the written pattern for the below Alligator:

Below is another 2D alligator pattern I found by "slappytheseal". You can buy it at this website if you like it a lot. It is kinda cute and looks pretty simple.

 This is the last pattern I found online. I think this is pretty cute as well, I like the scales!
You can buy this pattern from "One and Two Company" at this link if you like it as well.

This final alligator I have to say is the cutest one I've seen out of them all...Unfortunately when "bethintx did this she didn't write it down so all we have is a picture. She wrote on her website she did this as a challenge to make something appealing for a boy. I think any boy would love this what do you think??
Check out her website here
Challenge: Anyone wanna try making this?? Whoever can come up with a close replica will have their design posted!

2D Crochet Animals and what to do with them!

So at the moment I've been searching around for different 2d crochet animal patterns and inspiration. These are great for ornaments, jewelry, table cloths, baby mobiles, sew in a crochet animal on top  of a crochet square or pillow to give it more depth! Snap it on a hat for kids! You can turn 2D crochet into anything really, your mind is the limit! Here are some examples of uses of 2D animals I found online.

The ornaments and the little birds are both done by "Zoomyummy". She has a lot of 2D creations in her store and she sells the patterns as well here. 

These are great for home decor or even a baby mobile as well! Why not right??

Here are a  whole bunch of 2D animals that are made by "Garndesign".
They are so super neat and tidy I just love them. And if you are familiar with crochet enough you can really come up with a way to make them yourself without buying the pattern! (No I will not figure them out for you! :P) 

 This is another cute idea I saw from "CrochetDlane" on etsy as well. The funky thing about this hat is you can just snap off the gingerbread man and snap something else if you wanted! Make this kind of design your own by making a sea blue hat with a beige brim and just attach a different sea animal everyday ^^ so many things you can do with 2D creations!
This was done by Podarok. She is awesome with turning 2D crochet into 3D just look at that! She has a blog with some of her designs here only problem is that it is in Russian but if any of you speak Russian great!

So now you have the inspiration I found lots of free 2D animal patterns online to share!


Monday 25 February 2013

About Crochetpedia!

Heard of an encyclopedia? Crochetpedia will be your encyclopedia for all your crochet needs! From video tutorials to inspiration from other artists, recommended projects, different kinds of stitches, books and free crochet patterns, it will all be here. All different kinds of crochet projects will be posted here; hats, scarves, blankets, pillows, baby clothes, jewelry, modern art. Anything that looks cool will be here and credit will be given to everyone with links to their websites as well.

Crochet is a fun relaxing hobby where you can make an endless possibility of things for clothes and home decor. This will be your 1 stop place for looking for new projects and to learn new things.

If anyone has questions about a confusing tutorial or book tutorial and can't seem to get the look they want just send in a link to it or a picture and a solution will be posted just for you.

So I hope you enjoy this blog.

 For video tutorials visit crochetpedia on youtube.
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