Monday 25 February 2013

About Crochetpedia!

Heard of an encyclopedia? Crochetpedia will be your encyclopedia for all your crochet needs! From video tutorials to inspiration from other artists, recommended projects, different kinds of stitches, books and free crochet patterns, it will all be here. All different kinds of crochet projects will be posted here; hats, scarves, blankets, pillows, baby clothes, jewelry, modern art. Anything that looks cool will be here and credit will be given to everyone with links to their websites as well.

Crochet is a fun relaxing hobby where you can make an endless possibility of things for clothes and home decor. This will be your 1 stop place for looking for new projects and to learn new things.

If anyone has questions about a confusing tutorial or book tutorial and can't seem to get the look they want just send in a link to it or a picture and a solution will be posted just for you.

So I hope you enjoy this blog.

 For video tutorials visit crochetpedia on youtube.
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