Wednesday 27 February 2013

2D Crochet Rabbit / Bunny Applique

Everyone likes bunnies so there are many many different patterns for making them. Found the first 5 online but don't know who designed them. They are all pretty cute in their own way.
The bow-tie on this bunny below is kinda freaking me out not sure if I like that... :P Looks kinda like a mustache!

I love how this is displayed  the bunny looks so cute here on the square it has a beautiful finish.

This last one i'm guessing is a bunny... I can't imagine what else it would be... I think the eyes are just a bit too close together in the picture which is just confusing...:P
Here "Weiver Birdie" has a free pattern for making this bunny with really nice pictures to follow along.

These bunnies were made by "VoodooMaggie" and she has a nicely explained tutorial below.

Who doesn't love a video tutorial! This one is done by "theDulanefamily" and it is her design. 

Here is another video tutorial by "Hectanooga1"!
Last pattern I just found by "Kimbles". These are small little bunnies and are simple to make she has all the instructions written out here!

These two pictures I had to add. I don't have the pattern for them but they are very cute and tidy and look very simple. The first is from "barbara'scrochet" on etsy:
This is from "makehandmade". She has so many applique animals it's worth checking out her site.



  1. c' est adorable tout ces petits animaux bravo et merci du partage

  2. Thank you for posting all these bunnIes!

  3. thanks for your tutor. really useful & you are creative.

  4. Is there a free pattern for the standing bunny please?