Wednesday 27 February 2013

2D Crochet Animals and what to do with them!

So at the moment I've been searching around for different 2d crochet animal patterns and inspiration. These are great for ornaments, jewelry, table cloths, baby mobiles, sew in a crochet animal on top  of a crochet square or pillow to give it more depth! Snap it on a hat for kids! You can turn 2D crochet into anything really, your mind is the limit! Here are some examples of uses of 2D animals I found online.

The ornaments and the little birds are both done by "Zoomyummy". She has a lot of 2D creations in her store and she sells the patterns as well here. 

These are great for home decor or even a baby mobile as well! Why not right??

Here are a  whole bunch of 2D animals that are made by "Garndesign".
They are so super neat and tidy I just love them. And if you are familiar with crochet enough you can really come up with a way to make them yourself without buying the pattern! (No I will not figure them out for you! :P) 

 This is another cute idea I saw from "CrochetDlane" on etsy as well. The funky thing about this hat is you can just snap off the gingerbread man and snap something else if you wanted! Make this kind of design your own by making a sea blue hat with a beige brim and just attach a different sea animal everyday ^^ so many things you can do with 2D creations!
This was done by Podarok. She is awesome with turning 2D crochet into 3D just look at that! She has a blog with some of her designs here only problem is that it is in Russian but if any of you speak Russian great!

So now you have the inspiration I found lots of free 2D animal patterns online to share!


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