Friday 5 April 2013

Amigurumi Animal Patterns

This post is to show you first a nice pattern for a cute elephant but also to let you go to this link to find a whole bunch of amigurumi patterns. Be warned they are all in either Russian or Chinese so you will have to have some experience in amigurumi before you try these out. There are so many different animal patterns at this link so I can't post them all...also you have to see whether you can do anything with them since they aren't in english... so just check it out :) This site is just a series of pictures of patterns so you just have to go through them all. Oh ya and you have to know how to read symbol patterns.
These posts were done by padarok on this Russian site but who knows where she got them from...
This is an example of one of the amigurumi posted at this site.

Here are all the different amigurumi patterns you can find at the link above. If you like any of them go check out the patterns.


  1. love them there to cute

  2. Ik wil graag de witte poes met de twee kleurige ogen maken hoe kom ik aan het patroon

  3. So cute! I came to your blog to pin some of your cute tutorials and little Amigurumi friends. Perhaps you could pin something from my blog, too?

  4. Are there any bull dog that ate printed in english

  5. Are there any bull dog that ate printed in english