Monday 15 April 2013

Cute Shirt and Dress Crochet Inspiration

I found this cute inspiration at the link below. And there is a pattern for how to make the top of the girl on the right in the black outfit. You could use the same pattern to make the girl on the left bottom picture. Anyways I have the picture guide for how to make this posted below step by step if you want to try this... it is so cute... and I don't think it would be to hard to figure out the other patterns... Love them. So unique. Thanks to Selwas for the picture guides...
Korean openwork crochet tunic model for ideas and master-klass/4683827_20120724_203159 (428x539, 126Kb)

4683827_20120724_203229 (284x531, 55Kb) 4683827_20120724_203246 (341x608, 78Kb)
4683827_20120724_203303 (402x581, 155Kb)4683827_20120724_203316 (344x508, 44Kb)

So as you can see this is so cute... I found a work through for this piece... have to join the Russian website to see it so I just posted the pictures here for your connivance.

Beautiful elegant crochet tunic for girls, the details in the master class on foto/4683827_20120627_131748 (450x559, 139Kb)
4683827_20120627_131812 (570x393, 146Kb)
4683827_20120627_131827 (289x312, 28Kb)
Here is the work through...
4683827_20120627_131942 (322x320, 26Kb)4683827_20120627_132138 (347x331, 31Kb)
4683827_20120627_132149 (287x300, 24Kb)
4683827_20120627_132159 (315x325, 31Kb)
4683827_20120627_132209 (310x289, 29Kb)
4683827_20120627_132220 (351x335, 36Kb)4683827_20120627_132231 (347x336, 39Kb)
4683827_20120627_132241 (408x385, 103Kb)
4683827_20120627_132252 (447x397, 118Kb)
4683827_20120627_132304 (439x434, 129Kb)
4683827_20120627_132314 (441x414, 136Kb)
4683827_20120627_132331 (505x328, 112Kb)
4683827_20120627_132343 (430x432, 123Kb)
This is the interesting part! The clear plastic you warp the string around to make the look
4683827_20120627_132444 (653x340, 118Kb)
This shows the thickness...
4683827_20120627_132458 (556x447, 93Kb)
4683827_20120627_132512 (673x366, 148Kb)
4683827_20120627_132523 (673x396, 136Kb)

4683827_20120627_132536 (674x422, 192Kb)
4683827_20120627_132548 (670x411, 194Kb)
4683827_20120627_132600 (673x398, 163Kb)
4683827_20120627_132615 (674x476, 243Kb)

4683827_20120627_132628 (672x402, 154Kb)
4683827_20120627_132640 (674x359, 137Kb)

4683827_20120627_132652 (672x396, 119Kb)
4683827_20120627_132704 (675x402, 165Kb)
4683827_20120627_132717 (676x410, 136Kb)
4683827_20120627_132728 (673x406, 141Kb)
4683827_20120627_132739 (672x354, 110Kb)
4683827_20120627_132750 (648x388, 122Kb)
4683827_20120627_132806 (672x400, 130Kb)

4683827_20120627_132819 (673x436, 164Kb)
4683827_20120627_132832 (674x361, 129Kb)4683827_20120627_132844 (674x429, 196Kb)
4683827_20120627_133007 (675x427, 184Kb)


  1. I created a pattern very similar to this crochet top. Find it here:

    1. I've been trying to find the pattern for the pink one