Friday 19 April 2013

More Amigurumi~

I found some great patterns from Gosyo where they have both English and Japanese versions of the patterns. The patterns are great quality and very well explained so check them out!

Cute little butterfly~ Get this pattern at the link below and it is written in english with symbol patterns.
Wedding Rabbits~


Just to show you how great these and clear these patterns are here is a sample of the page for the turtle. This site is really worth checking out.
Cute Birds~
Teddy Bear~
Black Cat Cellphone Strap

10 Finger Puppets

Frog Seagull and Whale~
Labrador dog~
Colorful Hedgehog~
Little Bear~

Dress up your bear!~

Christmas Ornaments~
There is a pattern for everything in this pictures including how to do the snowman and the socks and present.
Teddy Bear~
Fruits and Vegetables~
Mini Wall Ornaments or Amigurumi Clothes~