Monday 22 April 2013

Crochet Skirt Patterns~

I found some nice skirt patterns at the club masters website. All of these posts came from there so have a look. These come with symbol patterns and measurements. The description of the yarn under the picture is translated by google from Russian so if it's a bit crude sorry.

Also I'm going to link my other post which has all the symbols for crochet and short videos how to do each stitch for your reference if you are interested in trying this.
Assign lacy skirt
Description of the skirt is taken from the magazine. openwork skirt related hook number 3 of 300 g of yarn (100% Virgin Wool, 225 m/50 g). Sizes 44-46. Linking a lacy skirt

Crochet top and skirt
Model top and skirt is from the magazine Knitting for adults number 13/2012 –≥.  top and skirt are connected hook number 4. Yarn: NISAN SEDEF (8% lurex, 92% viscose, 180 m/100 g) 450 g of silver for the skirt, and 300 g for the top. Description for raziera 44. scheme knitting crochet skirt and 

Openwork crochet skirt
Model skirt is from the magazine "Knitting for adults" № 5/2012  skirt with ruffles associated hooknumber 2 of 500 g of yarn (100% cotton) blue and white residues. Description for size 44. scheme knitting crochet skirt azhurnoy

Openwork skirt
The model is taken from the magazine skirt knit crochet № 5/2012 White laced skirt connected hooknumber 2. Opmsanie for sizes 44-46. Yarn: 350 g white (50% cotton, 50% viscose, 350 m/75 g).scheme openwork crochet skirt crochet

Jacket and skirt crochet
Suit model is taken from the magazine Little Diana № 5/2012 Jacket and skirt are connected hook number 2 of 1000 g of red (№ 179) yarn Alpina SATI (100% mercerized cotton, 170 m/50 g). Description for size 42-44. scheme knit jacket and skirt crochet

Knit Skirt
The model is taken from the magazine skirt knit crochet number 2/2012 Skirt associated hook № 2.5 from 300 g of black yarn (100% acrylic, 300 m/100 g). Description for size 44-46. scheme knitting crochet skirt

Crochet skirt
Skirt crochet № 2.5 950 g of beige yarn (100% cotton, 100g/400m). scheme knitting crochet skirt



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  2. Thank you for sharing, New ideas for next year gifts for Christmas as I make my gifts.

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