Tuesday 23 April 2013

My Work - Yellow Summer Baby Dress and Outfit Design

Here is my second baby clothes collection! This particular one is for 3-6 months but I can adjust the size for any baby age... This is my daisy dress design for the summer ^^ getting ready to start my etsy shop after I finish my pink baby outfit... Anyways so the set consists of the dress... Sun hat... headband... and slippers..
 Here is the closeup of the dress with the daisy buttons and little daisy bouquet~ It's really fluffy and cuddly... who says crochet dresses have to be frilly! ^^
 Here is a little sunhat I made with daisy bouquet... it is super stretchy so as the baby grows it will stretch with their head!
 Super adjustable daisy head band... the buttons fit between every stitch so yes supperadjustable
 Cute Slippersss... very soft and stretchy~ Oh so cute...
Advice for everyone... when making a design write everrrything down... including the hook size and the little details because you will forget eventually! :P I keep a word document and I just add everything to it along with a little notebook for sketches...

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