Wednesday 13 March 2013

Crochet People Applique Patterns

These first few patterns are all from Chisako They are so cute!
We have Alice and her rabbit! (You can find the rabbit in the bunny applique section of my blog)

Some angel kids...

Could be Cinderella right?? Or a Dutchess!

I'm going with Fairy or Tinkerbell~
Of course Little Red Ridding hood!
And Just becuase there is riding hood here we need the wolf so here is the wolf!
Little Mermaid!!
This person I'm not sure who did it...It's not extremely clear but I think it is manageable with a little concentration and good eyes :P
Don't know who did this either but here is a rather clear pattern. 

Here is a little girl and her body...  :)

Grandparent Faces but could be anybody's face really if you change the hair!

Lastly here is  a Foot print by Dedri Uys you can find the written pattern and pictures here

Crochet Footprint Edited Crochet Footprint Pattern

As always If I find more I'll just update the post for you guys :)

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