Wednesday 6 March 2013

My Work- Granny square Blanket With Applique Tree and Animals

 After placing the squares in a million different designs I came up with this design so I started to sew the squares together.

 Here I've sewn all the squares together. The center white squares I'm going to put a tree and animals on it to make a center peice... so... it is the size right now that it could fit nicely on a double bed ^^ from sofa pillow to double bed blanket :P projects always tend to get bigger with me somehow :P

Right now I just finished the Tree! You are probably wondering what happened to the owls...:( I removed them... I tried to embroider the tree but it shifts the crochet too much so I made my own tree applique and sewed it on top! Looks much nicer now... I think the owls might go in a knot in the middle of the trunk now... we will see ^^

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