Thursday 14 March 2013

262 Crochet Patterns Book - Open work crochet and Borders

I'm going to do several posts on different books about crochet I found online. There are a lot of nice ones and not all in English but the main thing are the patterns.

So First I am going to start with

"262 Crochet Patterns" 5 Star!

This is one of the coolest book I've seen online I love it... It is a Chinese book I believe...but it doesn't matter because there are no words really it's just a pattern book.

This book has two things Openwork Crochet Patterns and Border Patterns

Here is a sample of one of the pages so you can see if this would be useful to you.

The above shows Openwork Crochet which can be used for sweaters... hats.. any kind of design that has infinite width or height...It is up to you how wide you want to make your piece you just do a longer chain and repeat the row as many times as needed to get the desired length or height.

I think this should be a good reference to any Crocheter just because of the simplicity and the variety. These are great for any borders on blankets or pillows or the work on scarves or sweaters so I'd bookmark this book. 

A note on some of these patterns... they are using a specific size yarn so if you use 4 ply yarn or lace it will make a difference on the look you might have to experiment on the spacing and might have to skip some stitches for example if you are using thick yarn.

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