Sunday 10 March 2013

2D Crochet Insect / Bug Applique

There really aren't that many creepy crawly insect appliques online. I couldnt' even find a nice spider to be honest I might have to make one up myself and post it for you guys! Anyways there are a whole bunch of lady bugs and a few others!

Found this lady bug pattern from "crochetisfun". The pattern is fully written out for you here

Red heart also has a pattern for lady bugs that I got from here.
These two not sure who did these two but you have lots of options for lady bugs...

Here is a beetle pattern I found from "Chisako"

Here is a Caterpillar pattern. It's not verry clear but hey they are just circles and it is really cute. If the pattern isn't that easy to follow just make a whole bunch of circles of different sizes and crochet them together!

Finally I found this pattern by "one and two company" and it's so cute I have to show you. You have to purchase this one it's not free... or figure something similar out yourself...
It's so cute though isn't it?? 


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