Friday 29 March 2013

My Work - 2 Hats for my Mother~

So I was visiting home last couple weeks and thought I'd make some hats for my mother. She likes them to be light and airy because I think most crochet hats are really winter and fall hats... anyways I made these two and I have the patterns for them here as well.

You might recognize this from one of my posts. This pattern came from one of the magazines I posted an I just wanted to try it out. This is the link to the post where I got it from.

I used 4 ply yarn and it actually worked out pretty well. I think the pattern is meant for 3 ply though because it didn't have the same look as the picture but I couldn't find any 3 ply black yarn fast...I think it came out more like a french hat hehe But I still liked it :)
 I liked the flower pattern on top especially which is why I tried it in the first place. The holes are great for breathing and since it is only in contact with the head at the sides you really don't feel the hat at all on top! Following the symbol pattern was very easy... I finished the whole hat in a day check out the link I posted above for the pattern for the hat. If you have any questions just post a comment and I'll clarify but I enjoyed making this hat.

 I added this flower on the side because I thought the black hat looked a bit blah... This flower is an adaption I made to some other flower patters I've seen... I think it makes a more unique flower look and doesn't look too girly. You have to change color twice to do this and I sewed in the beads in groups of 3 for the petals and the center beads I had a circular white bead with a hole in it and put a gold bead in the center to give it some color.

I'm just going to write down the pattern for the flower here since it's pretty simple if you have done some flower before.
  1. Chain 10 and slip stitch to form ring
  2. Round 1: Chain 1 and work 16 sc into the ring (don't join)
  3. Round 2: Single Crochet in next Stitch, chain 2, skip next stitch, then single crochet into following stitch. (so after chain 2 you skip the next stitch and then sc in the one after it) (should be 8 loops in the end after you join and end the round)
  4. Round 3: in each of the chain 2 spaces from the previous round do (sc, hdc, sc) this forms the first small petals
  5. Round 4: Then if you want to change colors end your color and turn your work upside down so you are working behind the flower and join the next color on one side of one of the petals behind the first ones like you are starting from the same place just behind them and then chain 5, fpsc into the other side of the petal to make the loop... continue all the way around for 8 chain 5 loops (so basically you are making another 8 loops behind the petals you just made)
  6. Round 5: in those loops work (sc, hdc, 3dc hdc, sc)
  7. Round 6:Change colors again and then work chain 6 loops behind the two petals with fpsc between them
  8. Round 7: then work (sc, hdc, 5dc, hdc, sc) in each of the chain 6 loops
Hope it's kinda clear... anyways any flower would do on such a hat ^^


This second one I made I designed myself from a picture of a hat in a book requiring a loom... I knew I couldn't make the same look but I tried my best :P

So this is what I came up with  :) I had to use cross stitching thread to get it light enough so there were a lot of ends and it was a bit troublesome but I like how it came out. One color was used to make the hat and then I used a darker color to weave in some of the rows. And a ribbon at the bottom. There is the front and back view. This hat is majorly light like a feather.
 Front and back look
 There's my mom wearing her new hat ^^ so cute!

So I thought I would give you the basic pattern for this if you wanted to try it yourself. This is just for experts really... wouldn't want anyone else to get frustrated because I didn't count stitches you just have to measure on your head.

1. So I started the top with magic circle and 3 rounds of double crochet across
2. Then I added this pattern from open work crochet for a round

I did this basically without the chain at the bottom obviously and just and did the row 2 and 3 to make a round on the hat. 

Then I did 2 rounds of just double crochet across and then another 017 round. These 017 rounds I used to weave in the other color and the ribbon. 

the bottom I just did chain 5s and skipped 3 stitches (you see what you like) and then did single crochets in each of the loops to create the loopy bottom look)

Finally I just sewed on the button :). 

So that is what I was doing last week... try out the hats if you daaare... ^^

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