Friday 1 March 2013

Crochet 101: Quick Basics for Beginners - From Crochetpedia

I found a lot of the you tube tutorials to be either very long with several episodes, or short and confusing so I thought I'd make one for everyone. :) After this video you should be able to start making things!

This video will cover all a beginner needs to know to get started in crochet. After watching this video and practicing the stitches you should be able to do any beginner project out there and start making things!
Topics covered:
1. What yarn to buy/use
2. Hooks and which ones to use for different applications
3. How to do a slip knot
4. How to Chain
5. How to work a square project like a scarf or a round project like a coaster
6. Basic stitches such as
a. Single Crochet
b. Half Double Crochet
c. Double Crochet
d. Triple Crochet
7. How to do a magic circle
8. What to do with yarn ends, working over or sewing them in
9. How to change colors
10. and more...

Beginner Recommended Videos:

(Needs really thick yarn and H-5m hook)
Crochet Geek - Chunky Yarn Crochet Cap

(4 ply yarn and G hook)
Easy Pretty Rose Flower - Crochet tutorial

and more from me of course!

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