Saturday 2 March 2013

2D Crochet Fish Applique

 These two patterns are intricate and delicate... quite fancy really ^^ hope you like them

I also found this free pattern online by "Jenny and Teddy" it has pictures too to show how to make the fish

This pattern shows you how to make these multiple kinds of fish by "Yarnington". Check it out here it's Free!
This next one is by "Susan Whitlock", she has the pattern written out for you!!^^

Check out this beginner project from "beginnerfreecrochetprojects" as well where they have fish and seawead pattern for you to try with picture guide and everything written out! ^^
"candace" made this pattern for something fishy! It looks almost like a shark to me just needs a fin on top!

This last one I saw a while back, "Barbara Summers" has this free pattern for both the fish and starfish written out for you.

Of course we have these from "Qsping" that are just amazing but these you have to buy or try and recreate yourself ^^

Enjoy and get Fishy!

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