Tuesday 5 March 2013

2D Crochet Bird / Owl Applique Patterns

I found lots of different kinds of bird patterns for you so enjoy :) I'm actually not sure who designed many of them because I found them randomly on different Photo Sites.


Eagle Pattern! This is great if you want to change the colors of the wings too :)

Here are some Chicks...and written pattern for them at oodles4noodles

Bird & Flower Appliques

Check out this owl tutorial at "bananacraft"! It is written out with pictures and words! I realize it's in Portuguese but the pictures are quite easy to follow ^^ Google translate helps too :P
tutorial coruja de croche
This owl pattern is done by Janet she has lots of free cute patterns on her blog

This next owl pattern was made by "calleigh" and you can find the written pattern here!
This next one is from "Lucy in the sky"! You can find her pattern here at her blog :)

This pattern is from "Love the Bluebird" :) It's a nice cute simple owl for all occasions check it out :)

I found this cute owl recently there is a free pattern for it by  louiesloops

 These next two were done from the same pattern. It is a big owl. It could be a pot holder or a huge applique whatever you want ^^. It is from free vintage crochet

For those of you who love Video tutorials like I do "Elizzza13" has a very nice tutorial on how to make owl appliques! I've tried it and it looks great like the middle owl :)
Enjoy your owls!

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