Saturday 9 March 2013

2D Crochet Sea Creatures Applique

So many kinds of sea creatures so I thought I'd post them all besides the fish appliques I posted before ^^
Look at what you can do with a whole bunch of fish appliques! This was posted by "iris"
How cool is that... you just get a whole bunch of shell appliques and then crochet blue between them freestyle!

So let's look at some free patterns! This sea shell pattern is written by "Bits and bobbles". It's quite simple find the instructions here!

This next one is hard to see ... i'm not sure where it is from but maybe it can give you a starting idea of how to make your own pattern for shells and starfish.

This one is a seashell inside a seashell? I don't know but it is quite nice...It was designed by "chisako" she does beautiful applique designs :)

This sea horse design I found online it is very intricate... not for a beginner ... it has almost every kind of stitch 
so go through the video tutorial on all stitches once I posted if you don't know to do them all and check the reference chart of crochet symbols :)
This one is also complicated but beautiful :) Worth it if you want a very nice looking seahorse see the picture below :)

These next 2 are from "Susan Whitlock" she wrote out the patterns for these large and small seahorses.

I posted this one already on the fish applique page but I wanted to post this for the starfish. This is by "Barbara Summers"

This is a Squid pattern I found by "Yarington" that is really cute and quite simple :)
This is an octopus/squid done by "mooglyblog"

I found this cute free crab pattern by mymerrymessylife

Here are some simple starfish as well by yarington


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