Wednesday 6 March 2013

My Work- Granny Squares

So my living room is brown and blue and beige so I wanted to make something maybe a pillow... or a table runner... something to match...The first thing I saw online of free patterns was granny square patterns from "50 Fabulous Crochet squares"  if you go to the link below there is a preview with some free patterns. I did the first three squares from the patterns there!

So I got hooked on making granny squares so I looked on youtube and found "Elizzza13"'s videos and she has so many granny square videos as well as many other decorations and knitting videos... I consider her one of the masters she has like 300 videos on youtube. Thank goodness I can speak some German because a lot of her videos are only in German even though lots of her videos are also dubbed in English. Anyways the next 3 patterns were from her. They were of course modified by me so that they became the same width but these were from her videos ^^

 This granny square I found online called "On the Huh" square I found the written pattern here online written by "tiggerbee

 This square is made up of three things... First it is a basic crochet block and the video tutorial is here made by "Crochet Geek" if anyone is interested.
Then the Owl Appliques made by "Elizzza13" and I sewed them in.
Then I embroidered the branch and leaves over the square which is why it is a little not so squarish... but I think it turned out pretty cute ^^

This square I designed from seeing a blanket with a similar pattern and it was pretty cute but I couldn't find a pattern anywhere so I just came up with one. I will probably post a video on how to do this square soon :)

 This last square is designed by me. Haven't really named it yet... mmm... looks like tentacles...maybe tentacle square. Anyways, I did take a video of me making this and I'm going to post it on the Crochetpedia channel on youtube soon as well.
By now I've made so many squares I just decided to make a blanket...

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