Saturday 2 March 2013

2D Crochet Turtle Applique

Ok so I found 2 free patterns for turtles. This first one is a delicate turtle pattern. Quite nice... :)
This next pattern is from "Deb's Crochet", you can get the link below, 
She has a nicely written out pattern so try it! You could try changing the color of the shell to make it look different as well :)
This turtle I wanted to show you because it's a 3D 2D applique :P ya what does that mean :P The shell is on top of the feet and head! Just like a real turtle! ^^  It's a nice idea i think it looks pretty cute with the bead eyes.

 I wanted to show this one lastly because the turtles are in the sea!! This is just so cute... Such a cute idea really...I found it on pin interest so who knows who made it but I also like the ratio of the arms and legs of the turtle really nice proportions for the sea turtles!

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  1. Love this pattern! really delicate, will definitely try, thanks