Wednesday 6 March 2013

My Work - Hats and Baby Clothes ^^

So here is my first crochet project ever :P... Wanted to make a hat...I will tell you between you and me that it did not turn out how it was supposed to :P It was supposed to look like the black hat below :P but I thought the hat was small so i kept increasing until it turned into a french hat so i kept decreasing at the bottom :P No matter how ugly your first project is you always have an attachment to it! ^^ At least it turned out to be wearable!
So this next one was my second try at a thick yarn hat... they are so simple and fast love them... this time it worked and I added a brim even so ya improving :P
 Here was my first 4 ply yarn hat and yes it takes sooo much longer than thick yarn because there are at least twice as many rows and columns and this had front post stitching so it was more complicated then I wanted but it worked out :)
Ok so by now I designed this next hat ^^ Summer hat. I made one similar for my mom with the same yarn and colors and it was a bit longer a hat. After making that one I didn't have enough yarn to make this one as long but it is still really cute ^^ and I loved the flower and the wavyness. 

 Then I decided to make some baby clothes ^^ this is all with 3 ply yarn... I found out that babies are not as small as the sweater I made... sooo... guess it can go on a doll ^^ but the hat and shoes turned out really cute!

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