Saturday 2 March 2013

More 2D Animal Applique Inspirational Photos!

I saw these while looking for appliques and just had to post them...These are done by "Qsping" you can get any of these here
 If you are just looking to buy them and not make them yourself go to the link! 
These are interesting...The change in colors is just beautiful...
These must be done with very very small hooks... look how flat the work is... i mean I could almost mistake it for knitting but it is crochet!... must be very small single crochet everywhere! And there is sewing on top as well. You can't achieve this kind of flatness without using a very small hook and maybe even ironing over it... right?

 These circles on top of the turtles must be slip stitch circles on top of the yellow which is why I'm preeety sure these are ironed and pressed down to make everything the same height even though there are different layers... Such a cool idea! I love these...
All of Qspings work is so intricate... even the sewing is very nice so if you are looking for some appliques to sew on to  your work these are just great!

These monkeys look different i think that their body, not the tail or outside of head, has been sewn over to create the look of fur... very cute... even the face has been sewn over...

The dress for the bears is just crazy... you definitely need verrry small yarn and hook to create these looks and I am so going to try this!

All of these are so cute and colorful...hope you got inspired by these pictures~ 
I definitely did :)



  1. adorable... don't you think some of them would make cute baby hat embellishments

    1. Yes for sure! Appliques are great everywhere! I've used them quite a bit on blankets to create a story... like two horses looking at each other in front of a tree, or turtles on a beach looking blanket.

    2. Where do you find the patterns for these appliques! Also n English too!

  2. Cannot find patterns! Any ideas? YouTube does not have them

    1. Youtube has a lot of crochet patterns put in easy crochet appliques and you will find them

  3. Does anyone know where the maker has gone to? I cannot find Qsping, not TWPMango anymore. These designs are unique.