Monday 4 March 2013

2D Crochet Butterfly Applique

This is going to be a huge post because there are so many patterns for butterflies out there online! So I'm going to just put them one after the other enjoy!

This pattern I found from "chisako". Her blog is in Japanese... but from the translation I gather she is the one making these chain intricate patterns and they are beautiful! Check out her blog!

These next ones are from "MyPicot" free patterns. It's a great site. Has quite a few basic patterns for free. The pattern can be found at the respective links!

These next 2 were taken from a Croatian blog from "Mare ka-sa" These patterns are her design and they are very beautiful. Of course the other side of the pattern is mirror imaged :) 

 This next one is from Ravelry. You can get the free pattern at this website below. This pattern is from an old Irish Crochet book that I think someone followed and made this more modern version. There are quite a few other butterfly patterns written out so i'll post the photos from this same book.

These next few supposedly come from this Russian website which has lots of patterns "veraxangai" I believe is her name but i'm not sure if these are her designs.

These next ones I found on a Russian site which I think these patterns are from the "Correspondence school of Needlework" yet again... i'm translating it so not too sure.. anyways here is the link where I found the next 8 butterfly patterns. These are Irish lace crochet patterns and are only for advanced crocheters. I am not going to post all of the butterflies because there are 27 different patterns but here is the link to find them all.

 Hope you enjoy this insane amount of butterfly patterns!