Thursday 7 March 2013

2D Crochet Dog Applique Pattern

I found quite a few doggy patterns for you. I love the Scotty dog pattern so cute on a scarf or sweater ^^
Not sure where this one came from cause the site was blocked but this is a pretty cute design for a dog applique too! ^^

This scotty is so easy to make as patterns go just single crochets and a bit of reducing ^^ enjoy!

This is the cutest thing ever from "Repeatcrafterme"...I know that it is 3d but she goes through the pattern with pictures and written out so you could just make one side of the dog which is 2d and use it as an applique as well as the paws if you didn't want to stuff it!

You can get this pattern for free from "one and two company" if you like the fan page or pin a product on etsy that you like. Check it out here :)

Here is a dog bone free pattern at hookhound
You can't have a dog without a paw so here is a free paw pattern
free crochet paw print applique free paw print pattern free crochet animal pattern

You can buy this pattern at "Ravelry". Quite Cute!

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