Saturday 20 July 2013

Gloves and Mittens

This is a special post for a friend who wanted to make some gloves for her daughter. I found a few patterns here and there. Hope you all find this useful :)


I also found this youtube video which is in Russian but a little useful because she shows in general how to make a fingerless glove and starting from the center then working down past the thumb. It was interesting. I put the link below.

Here are some actual full tutorials on how to make gloves posted below that other people have done.



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  2. Thank you for sharing all of these patterns! Does anyone know how to make the cream colored lace fingerless gloves? There's only a chart and I don't know how to crochet them. In a circle, or sewing two pieces together? Thanks!

    1. If you are talking about the one between the purple and dark gray finger less gloves, it is made back in forth as a rectangle. The 18 by 15 rectangle which is in centimeters. Then the short ends are sewn together leaving a hole for the thumb. Does that make sense?

    2. Thank you so much Caroline, for your reply! I'm not an experienced crocheter, but my daughter really likes to own a pair of these gloves, so I've tried to figure the pattern out but it took me a few hours with no results :) I only made a few blankets with a written pattern. The red dot is where you start crocheting the border to the other side? (forgive me my English, I'm Dutch :)

    3. I replied to you in the post below

  3. What a coincidence I lived in the Netherlands for middle school and highschool. My dutch is quite terrible though...anytime a shop owner would hear my american accent they would switch to practice their english :D.
    Back to the pattern. I'll translate the first few rows and see if you can figure out the rest. (I really need to post a how to read symbol patterns video...i'll add it to the to do list) Also keep in mind I'm writing this out in American crochet language. I know european written crochet is different like a double crochet in european crochet is a single crochet in American. It's easy to search for on youtube.

    The red dot is where you start your crochet.
    Row 1. Chain 33. (If you count to the right of the red dot there should be 33 chain symbols.

    Row 2: Then you read up and to the left because we are working back and forth. Turn work.
    chain 3. 5 Double crochet in the 8th chain from the hook. (If you count the chain backwards you will see you go back 8). [Chain 2. Skip 3 chains. Single crochet in the next chain. chain 2. Skip 3 chains. 5 Double crochet in the next chain.] (Repeat the part in brackets 2 more times). Skip 3 chains. Ch 2. Single crochet in the last chain.

    Row 3: (Now we go up one row and to the right.) Turn work.
    Chain 5. [Single crochet in the first Double crochet from the previous row. chain 3. Single crochet in the next stitch. Chain 3. Skip a stitch. Single crochet in the next. chain 3. Single crochet in the next. chain 5.] Repeat steps in brackets another 3 times. Instead of doing the last chain 5 from the brackets, chain 3 and double crochet into the starting chain from the previous row.

    **At this point I'd check to see the width of your rows. See if it is close to 18 because I'm not sure what ply yarn is being used. If it is bigger you need to start over with a thinner yarn, if it is smaller start with a thicker yarn.**

    Row 4. (now we go up a row and to the left) . Turn work.
    Chain 3. 2 Double crochet in same stitch. [chain 2. Single crochet into the second chain 3 space from the previous round. chain 2. 5 Double crochet into the chain 5 space.] Repeat 2 more times. chain 3. Single crochet into the 2nd chain 3 space from the previous round. chain 2. 3 Double crochet into the 3rd chain (out of 5) from the previous row.

    Row 5: Now go up and to the right. Turn work.
    chain 3. Single crochet in the next stitch. chain 3. single crochet into the next stitch. chain 5. [Single crochet on the first double crochet of 5 from previous round. chain 3. single crochet in next. chain 3. skip a stitch. single crochet in next. chain 3. single crochet in next. Chain 5. ] repeat 2 more times. Single crochet in the next Double crochet from the previous row. chain 3. single crochet in next. chain 1. half double crochet in top of the last chain from previous row.

    Row 6. Now up and to the left. Turn work.
    Chain 3. [5 double crochet in chain 5 space. chain 2. single crochet in second chain 3 space. chain 2. ] repeat another 2 times. 5 double crochet in next chain 5 space. chain 2. single crochet in second chain 3 space to end row.

    This is the start of it. If you need more let me know and I can write the rest out. It is quite a complicated symbol pattern to start off with.Also when you get to the top of the pattern you disconnect your yarn leaving a long chain for sewing the sides together and then start working into the back of the chain row you started with to make the frill on the other side (it is the pattern that is below the red dot working from top to the bottom)

    1. Hi Caroline, it's so very kind of you to take the time to write all this down for me! I'm very gratefull, thank you! I'm sure I will succeed in making the gloves with all your help :) I didn't have time today to start but will surely do so tomorrow. It is indeed a coincidence that you lived in the Netherlands; I hope you've had a nice time? For 13 years I visited the U.S. very often, since I used to be a flight attendant. I loved your country, and all the beautiful cities I've stayed. Thank you again, have a lovely evening :)