Tuesday 14 April 2015

Crochet Letters and Numbers for appliqueing and decor

Crochet Letters!

Everyone has heard of crochet hats and booties and blankets but what if you want to monogram something?? Or make giant letter pillows! Or write your babies name on a crochet blanket?? Here are some great patterns for how to do different kinds of letters~

2D Letters and Numbers

First let's look at stand alone 2 D letters, numbers, and punctuation.

This was posted by Moogly 
This is one of the best comprehensive patterns I've found out there. Not only are there written patterns for the letters but she includes some video tutorials for the tricky letters!

For those of you that prefer reading symbol patterns than written patterns, these were posted by ninenin sectikleri. I have tried these out and they look very nice especially for using them to applique or hand on a wall.

Here is another symbol pattern set by fiberneed

Embroidering/Crocheting on Letters

This post by Crochetnmore shows how to do surface crochet or surface slip stitch which can be used to add letters and numbers to a crochet work. Keep in mind this only works for solid tight single crochet rows but can be very useful when you do solid shirts or sweaters!

3 D Letters 

I found this free pattern for slightly 3D letters. The letters are just done twice and stuffed. Here is the link. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alphabet-pillows
Here is a very nice pattern you can buy for making real fancy 3D letters. It's 2.50 euros per letter from Carocreated.

There is also a book on amazon done by bigunki which you can order which has patterns for all the letters.

Just for fun while we're talking about letters I found this really cool DIY tutorial about how to wrap letters with yarn by catchmyparty.com! Since we have so much yarn hanging around check it out it could be a great project for that scrap yarn left over.

Here is another done by landofnod

Hope these come in use! Happy Crocheting~

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