Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2D Crochet Alligator Applique

Ok so I found two pattern for free alligators and this is not for beginners it is just the map. I don't know who to give credit to this design but I know it's a Chinese design from the writing in the pattern so good for you China! You don't have to do the sewing if you don't' want to that is just the recommendation. You could always add in crochet eyes or felt, or one of those store bought plastic ones, whatever you like :) 
This is the second one I found by "Nanasue's Crafts" I think this is very cute and the great thing is that it is writen out row by row for everyone. She normally sells her patterns but this one is a free one so enjoy!
Go to this link to get the written pattern for the below Alligator:

Below is another 2D alligator pattern I found by "slappytheseal". You can buy it at this website if you like it a lot. It is kinda cute and looks pretty simple.

 This is the last pattern I found online. I think this is pretty cute as well, I like the scales!
You can buy this pattern from "One and Two Company" at this link if you like it as well.

This final alligator I have to say is the cutest one I've seen out of them all...Unfortunately when "bethintx did this she didn't write it down so all we have is a picture. She wrote on her website she did this as a challenge to make something appealing for a boy. I think any boy would love this what do you think??
Check out her website here
Challenge: Anyone wanna try making this?? Whoever can come up with a close replica will have their design posted!

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